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Our Process

  During the creation process of a card, every member of Cards for a Cause plays an important role. In order to produce a product, a blank postcard is sent through, what can be described as an organized assembly line. First a design is brainstormed, which is then sent to be sketched, painted over, detailed, lettered, and finally sealed in order to preserve the quality of the artwork. This is the exact process that our Get Well card underwent before it was sent out to be scanned
and printed in bulk quantity.
   As a group, the card was thought up with the idea of spring and flowers in mind because oftentimes, flowers are given as a token of get-well-wishes. Zorianna Menclewicz worked to sketch out the idea, then Rebecca Shaw and Mia Quarantillo were responsible for painting over the sketch and laying a base down for detailing. Ava Kuty was then in charge of choosing the font, color and placement of the words, “Get Well.” She chose to use a bouncy, calligraphy styled font, in black on the right side of the card, next to the blue and purple flora, on top of the deep orange and pink background. Finally it was sent back to Zorianna Menclewicz to apply the sealant and prepare it for printing.
   A Gell Well card is applicable right now, during a pandemic and the cold, winter months. Sickness has been unavoidable and kindness has taken over the world. Much of the world has become more cautious, allowing for more recognition of others. A Get Well card allows people to show their acknowledgement of others by being able to send their well wishes. Sympathy can go a long way for someone and can greatly affect their mood. With a pandemic going on in the world, everyone is being impacted differently. A Get Well card can be used for a variety of events and for all ages. A card can be very motivational and encouraging for any person.

   A card is a good way to express interest for others. A card with a multitude of colors leads the way for a meaningful message to be written for the gift. With a pandemic still taking place, people can let others know they care, without the fear of getting sick. Life will now always be different, and some parts of our lives will thrive, while others will shrivel away. A card can continue the traditional approach of communication. With the “new standard” of life, cards are set up for more success.

Written by : Zorianna Menclewicz

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